5 fundamental elements for a successful local marketing

It is not enough to do marketing only on the main site and on the brand, to serve the company focused on each secondary office or point of sale.

The interesting article that appeared in Marketing Land that talks about local marketing activities gave us considerable insights on the strategies and tactics that companies with different locations or sales points have to implement.

Research in the United States requires companies to be involved in the size of $ 154.6 billion in local advertising in 2020. The growth of local marketing is driven by low unemployment and general optimism for future growth, which has led to greater consumer spending and the desire of advertisers to capture those sums.

In the report Local marketing solutions for multi-location companies of MarTech the growing market of local marketing solutions is examined and the 5 fundamental elements for its success are identified:

  • Business directory management
  • Local SEO
  • Landing page
  • Reputation monitoring and management
  • Online advertising

The quoted report delves into each of these five elements and examines the latest trends, opportunities and challenges for the brands they market locally.

What should I do then?

Business listings management

Manage your business data in search engines, directories, maps and social networks and keep your internet activity sheets consistent and correct. It is essential to claim your local listings by providing accurate information to search engines and online directories (ie Google, Facebook, Apple Maps, Bing and Yelp). In the travel and hospitality sectors, brands will also benefit from claiming ads on sites like Kayak, TripAdvisor or OpenTable. Even data aggregators such as Acxiom (recently acquired by Interpublic Group), Factual, Infogroup and Yext are important places to preside over.

Local SEO

Local pages must be found both independently and through the site of the main office. This means locating each website of the secondary offices, optimizing the name, address, phone number, time, etc.

Local Landing Pages

Each secondary site must have its own landing page adaptable to mobile devices. Consumers are looking for you locally – often on the road – and a local landing page can be the hub on which to focus all your local marketing and SEO efforts. The web page captures consumer demand, simplifies marketing activities and provides metrics for the optimization of the next campaign.

Reputation monitoring and management

Major research and review sites place significant weight on online reviews. The counting and scoring of Google reviews are taken into strong consideration in local search rankings, which means that a company’s local ranking will improve the number of reviews and positive ratings they have. Customer reviews are among the most effective marketing content available to companies and have the maximum potential to influence new users.

Online advertising

The digital marketing strategy must necessarily be combined with an effective advertising campaign located in the area of ​​relevance of each secondary office or point of sale, both in the search network and in social media. Consumers expect local and personal content. Google Sponsored Ads on Google.com and Google Maps is a way for brands to connect with mobile consumers and encourage offline conversions. The personalization of messages for users in a particular geographical area can communicate the right promotional information for each store and communicate offline “flash sales” via digital.

Is your company ready for local marketing?

Before starting any local marketing activity, the following questions should be asked:

  • Have you identified the strategy and your local goals?
  • Have you established KPIs and put in place a system for tracking, measuring and reporting results?
  • Do you have the right human resources in your staff?
  • Can you invest in staff training?
  • Who will own or manage local marketing solutions?

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