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Digital Marketing Workshop for Apnea Academy

Digital Marketing Workshop Milan held by Paolo Ramazzotti of Digitools Snc at Mc2 Sport Way in Buccinasco on 5 November 2017: the digital marketing training program for businesses and tourism activities continues.

The Apnea Academy members were the protagonists who were able to learn the strategies and tactics of digital marketing to acquire new customers for their structures and their courses for freedivers.

It was an opportunity to learn about the opportunities that a correct communication strategy on digital channels can offer to accommodation facilities dedicated not only to scuba divers.

After an overview of online marketing trends and traffic data in the world of tourism, attention has shifted to the necessary attention cge each brand must have to create, improve and defend its web reputation.

Attention therefore to the care of one’s own image, to the creation of a social media policy, to the moderation of comments, to the drafting of interesting content for users to give value to their brand, to their product or service, these are the main recommendations provided by Paolo Ramazzotti .

Corso formazione digital marketing

Particularly appreciated was the presentation of both successful and ‘epic fails’ cases in the web world: the participants were able to have valuable information on which errors to avoid and on what opportunities to seize for their online communication.

Finally, a series of basic ” best practices ” have been proposed both for planning and for managing one’s own presence on the web, from the initial decision on the choice of the domain name to the techniques for monitoring one’s presence on the results returned by the queries on search engines.

Another success of the Digitools training program, we can’t wait to organize a new digital marketing workshop!



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