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Training course Digital Marketing @Orchidea Viaggi

Starting from last February Digitools has started a collaboration with the prestigious agency L’Orchidea Viaggi Srl, which was initially implemented with a digital marketing course aimed at their staff.

Starting from the exposition of the main digital marketing trends we talked about the differences between Inbound & outbound marketing, that is the difference between the strategy based on the contents compared to the one built on push messages.

Subsequently, we carried out an in-depth study of SEO and online reputation, with an emphasis on how valuable content created and promoted online by the Company is fundamental for an effective and profitable communication plan.

Writing for the web, in particular in an “SEO friendly” way, was one of the topics most appreciated by the participants, who received useful advice to put into practice in their work.

Finally, the topic of Web Analytics was discussed, with some hints on the platform and some ideas for creating a basic model for measuring traffic on the site.

The Digitools training program dedicated to companies is thus enriched with further experience with a high-level customer and among the leaders in the sector.



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