About Us

Howdy. We like you. And we dig your project.

That moonshot thing you’re amped to do with your ecommerce website or personal brand?

We love it already. Because it tells us you are a music maker who doesn’t take no for an answer.

It doesn’t matter if you are an edgy startup, full of verve, selling Equestrian riding gear. Or a sleek new tennis championship circuit, fresh with talent and ideas, biting at the heels of industry giants. Or an Italian tourism company who swears almighty that the bucket latest thing in the world to do is to see Iceland by boat.

Point is, if you’re heart is in it, we’re all in, too.

From there, we do what great digital marketing companies do.

Our tools help clients reach their audiences at the perfect time and with the right message to engage them and build strong, long term relationships. Or sometimes fleeting love affairs, fated for a brief parlay.

We start with deep data analysis. Add creativity. Then you get the most powerful digital marketing strategy to happily bound over all your business goals.

We’re fidgety, too. We spin in our office chairs and take your whiteboard on long walks on the beach.

So, yeah, when we’re together, the process never rests: research and planning, strategy and execution, measurement and optimisation. We cycle through this method, back and forth, until we reach the results you expect.

And the way best part: collaboration. When clients become partners, the moon is not so far away.

Paolo Ramazzotti

With over 15 years of expertise in the digital marketing arena, Paolo brings a deep wealth of knowledge to our Masterclass. He’ll teach the critical elements and best practices required to build a solid brand reputation online, as well as a digital ecosystem, from brand awareness all the way through to conversion

Roberto Ramazzotti

Over 20 years of experience in sales and project management, I try to do my best in everything either at work or in the private life. I believe our customer are our primary fans and ambassadors, so our projects have to be built to satisfy their business goals. Sport addicted and practicant, I love working with rock music in my ears, when possible!