On the occasion of the autumn campaign promoted by Air Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Tourisme, Digitools was commissioned to create the online advertising campaign.
Digitools created the minisite iovadoatahiti.it, where users were invited to take a quiz to reach the download page of the tourist guide on the islands of Tahiti and receive promotional travel offers.
In addition to the creation of the mini-site Digitools has developed and published the campaign on Facebook, Instagram and on the Google search and display platform. The numerous leads collected were used for subsequent remarketing activities.


  • Creation of a minisite and a quiz on the iovadoatahiti.it domain
  • Involvement of users on the destination through a fun quiz
  • site promotion through online channels
  • leads collection


  • over 5,400,000 impressions
  • about 45,000 clicks
  • more than 1200 leads obtained
  • highly competitive cost per lead