Brand Reputation

Brand Reputation

Yes, indeed. Your brand is important. Yet not everyone knows this or why.

It’s a bit like how a parent feels about their kid. They created this gorgeous thing which literally means the universe to them, which has a higher purpose and is going to make a difference to the masses. They gush and assume the world automatically feels the same way.

A pleasant fiction.

Not about your creation being important, or its power to part the seas. We’re with you on that to the end. It’s your assumption about what others think that deserves our sharpest axe here. In other words, the market may not know the story that’s playing in you and your staff’s heads.

Or the current information floating out there about your awesome brand is not landing with the right people in the right way. Or your content creation team took their finger off the pulse. Or your millennial age brand “influencer” made a rookie move on Insta. Or there’s a bad wrench somewhere in the pipes

Thankfully, we have the good tools:

  1. Reality Check: We pretend we are your target people. Then analyse what happens when we search for your brand online, as well as how folks interact with it, what they say, how they say it, and how your brand is actually positioned in the market.
  2. Create and Disseminate: We create the stories you want and need to tell. Then publish and distribute new content in all the right places.
  3. Amplify: Want the masses to shout how you parted the sea? Raving fans to dab on soapboxes? Spontaneous flashmobs? We install a smart and effective process for seducing positive customer reviews.
  4. Watch and Listen: One of us will put our ear to the grindstone. The other will perch on the mountain and white knuckle a pair of binoculars. Together, we monitor all online activity for your brand and key search terms.
  5. Report Card: As if the nun gave us her best ruler. We read the numbers and then we read the smaller numbers. Then construct periodic reports quantifying the progress on campaigns and your new gold star online reputation.

Together, let’s create the front page. Put it everywhere. Get people on it. And of course change the world.

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