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Images and videos: originality and immediacy always win!

mages, videos, infographics: sites, blogs and, above all, Social Media are now invaded by visual content. The reason is simple.

Compared to a written text, the image has a stronger power in attracting attention. And it takes less effort (and less time) to get his message across.

The images “engage” the audience also from an emotional point of view: they arouse immediate feelings and, with the same immediacy, allow a company to express the essence of its brand.

The visual content is of strategic importance for marketing. And it also owns it from an SEO perspective.

In this sea-magnum of visual content on the web, how can you stand out? How to manage them on social media in order to attract attention effectively?

Think about it before publishing a content: let’s make sure it’s interesting for your audience.

Let us first of all set the goals you want to achieve with your content:

do you want to give information? Do you want to illustrate interesting data? Want to help users in some way? Do you want to entertain them, have fun? Do you want to stimulate them to perform a certain action?

Once we have the right answer, we think about the strategy to be implemented, what kind of content to create and when, where and how to publish it online.

Have you thought of a video for your communication?

Try to integrate a video advertising campaign into your communication strategy, we will help you do it if you want.

Remember that we have a few seconds to capture the attention of your viewer, whether it is in front of the TV, the PC or the smartphone.

Do you remember, for example, the spot for the new Mini Countryman?

Before thinking about what the user will do after watching the video, it is better to think about what he will do immediately, not forgetting to predict, once he has decided to continue, what he will do in the end, if he thinks to click on it, share it, appreciate it, comment on it … or you will switch to another … it would be better if it remained always tuned to your channel!

Never forget the final call-to-action: in-depth link, website visit, information request, sampling request, test drive …

We capture, excite and stimulate your viewer to take action to contact us!

Did you learn from these suggestions? Do you use them already? How much resonance does your content get online? We are at your disposal to reason together about your visual content strategy. And we are, even if you start from scratch. Contact us and we will find together the right solution for your business.



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