Instagram post in website has overtaken Twitter’s in 2016

SimilarTech has analyzed the 1 million sites based on their global traffic, they assumed that the number of sites that embedded Instagram posts or share button has overtaken Twitter’s count.

They analized ecommerce websites, top brand and also publisher’s website and realized that Instagram from january to december 2016 expanded by 308% , Twitter only by 36% in the same period.

It’s very curios and interesting that Instagram in may 2016 had a spike: the number of sites featuring Instagram posts and share buttons jumped by 77 % month over month.

Reasons? Not only the very fast increase of Instagram followers that arrived to 600 millions of monthly users in December 2016!

Another reason of the success maybe is that Instagram changed from a reversed-chronological feed to an algorithmic one, so posts based on what people might be more interested in seeing were been ranked more than others.

The other reason could be that companies began embedding Instagram feed and like/share buttons in their website for fear that users would be less likely to see a brand’s photo or video on Instagram.

Source Marketing Land



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