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Email in 2017: still a profitable investment?

Despite the increase in tools like Slack and Workplace it seems that email is still an important marketing channel and that it will be destined to grow. In the article published in Martech Today, Len Shneyder says that in recent years there have been over $ 365 million of investments in so-called email centric companies.

2016 was dominated by a series of events, acquisitions, consolidations and exits, as evidenced for example by the cases of Iterable (a company dedicated to multichannel marketing) and Marketo, who found a series of investors on the market who helped to capitalize considerably the companies in question.

Also in the world of acquisitions there was a very important event: in November 2016 Oracle acquired Dyn, a company that deals with DNS (Domain Name System) and DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) services, after also acquiring Eloqua (marketing automation) and Responsys (dedicated to retail marketing).

Now that companies, as email is rapidly approaching a real real-time marketing channel, they must necessarily evolve and think of advanced email analysis systems, such as those proposed by the Email-analytics Company Email Co-Pilot, recently acquired by Return Path.

Email has now become a highly structured channel, which provides effective analytical functionality: before starting with large-scale message distribution it is necessary to have previously solved any problem of analysis, targeting and segmentation.

So what happens in digital messaging in 2017? And what will happen in the future? Some numbers: as evidenced by an infographic of Chiefmartech the world martech / adtech is composed of as many as 3,874 companies, from 2015 to 2016 the growth rate in this sector was 87 percent … impressive numbers, but … attention: the mailbox must be treated with adequate authentication.

This is why there has been a noticeable movement around companies specializing in email validation, such as Valimail, which has received as much as $ 12 million in investments in 2016.

On the other hand, Google also introduced an icon in 2016 to distinguish an encrypted email from an unencrypted one directly within the mail client: there is no doubt that security will be the main theme that will occupy 2017, which will of you?

Are you curious to learn more? You can do this by reading the full article on Martech Today.




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