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Because it is important to look after your online reputation

Online reputation is what people think of you, your services or your products on the web.

What people think does not remain as a time the subject of conversation between a few friends and acquaintances, opinions on your brand, in the era of “Like”, “Leave a comment” and “Be the first to review”, becomes a letter written, made visible to thousands of users. That is to your potential new customers.

Social Networks, sites that collect opinions and reviews, forums, communities, blogs: have you ever thought about how many Internet pages your company can be the object of conversation and exchange of opinions?

Do you all know – but everyone – the sites and social networks where people might have expressed an opinion about your brand? Have you ever tried to verify what the network thinks (and writes) about you?

We know, time is a tyrant. And, above all, it is not possible to keep the world of the web under control without the right skills and the right tools.

Yet today the activity of monitoring the brand’s online reputation is essential for every company or person that proposes itself to the public, regardless of the sector in which it deals.

How to do it then? What we need is a method. Or rather a strategy. And time. Much time, to devote exclusively to monitoring your online reputation.

And that’s all we have to offer you. We deal with Brand and Reputation Monitoring using effective and efficient tools, specifically designed to monitor, measure and manage your reputation on the Web. We monitor for you, in a constant and functional way, the opinion that the network expresses to you.

We measure the flow data of conversations concerning your brand and your image, we monitor the feedback that your products or services receive, we analyze the “social” metrics and that include followers, fans, comments, retweets and shares. In simple words: we actively listen to the network.

And this for you translates into the possibility of having qualitative and quantitative data to be used to improve company performance, review strategies, rethink advertising-related or communication activities to make them more effective, correct the shot of what might not having worked.

But that’s not all: the strategic importance of our methodology also allows you to increase the visibility of your brand, make contacts loyal, increase the number of views of company pages or blogs that concern you.

Want to learn more about what we can do to protect your online reputation? Do not hesitate to contact us and you will have information and answers to all your questions.




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