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SIC Ticino, web marketing training course. The second edition is coming

In January 2019, at the Lugano Commercial Professional Center, the second edition of the Digital & Social Media Project Operator Course will begin, the web marketing course organized by the Society of Commercial Employees (SIC) of the Canton Ticino and cured entirely by DigiTools.

Building on the success of the first edition, Digitools was once again called to organize the second edition of the prestigious web marketing professional training course with the aim of training competent communication professionals both from a theoretical and a practical point of view.

Practical exercises and project work

The practical exercises, in particular, are one of the strengths of this web marketing course. Their organization is in fact considered fundamental to provide students with operational skills that allow them to fit easily into the world of work.

Some hours of the course will therefore be dedicated to the development of a real and concrete project work, which will concern a company in the Ticino area.

In particular, the training program includes:

  • the identification of the business objectives to be achieved through digital channels;
  • the identification of the most appropriate digital channels and the contents to be conveyed;ù
  • the planning of a publishing plan for each channel;
  • the material creation of content (textual and creative);
  • advertising campaigns.

More than 160 hours of training

The course will start in January 2019 to end in September 2019 and will have more than 160 hours of training, of which around a quarter dedicated to project work.

The first lessons will be aimed at providing basic notions about communication and traditional marketing, as they are preparatory to further study on the main topic of the web marketing course.

Then follow the core lessons dedicated to the in-depth study of:

  • Social Media;
  • writing content for the web;
  • SEO;
  • advertising on search engines and social networks;
  • e-mail marketing;
  • insight and analytics.

The operation of WordPress will also be explained, a fundamental content management system for creating and administering websites and blogs.

Finally, a module will also be dedicated to video making for the Web, as videos have become (and will increasingly be) a type of widespread and essential content in any web marketing strategy.

Premiazione degli studenti alla conclusione della prima edizione del corso
Premiazione degli studenti alla conclusione della prima edizione del corso

The course teachers

The team of teachers who will hold the lessons of the course will be formed by professionals of the sector with many years of experience behind them, so that they can transmit their value and their knowledge to the students.

The course manager and coordinator will be Paolo Ramazzotti, owner of Digitools and expert in digital marketing and web analytics.

Who is the course for?

The web marketing training course is aimed at professionals who wish to acquire important knowledge in the field of digital marketing and young people who plan their career in the digital sector.

Registrations for the course of 2019 are closed. Soon information will be provided regarding the 2019/20 course.



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