Corso di Online Reputation Management – Eudi Show 2017 Bologna

Venerdi 3 Marzo, presso la Sala Madrigale dell’Eudi Show di Bologna, Paolo Ramazzotti, titolare di Digitools, ha tenuto il corso di Online Reputation Management per gli espositori e per gli operatori del settore.

Dopo una breve esposizione sulle principali tendenze nel marketing online (superamento della navigazione mobile su quella da desktop, tendenze di ricerca in ambito turistico, principali portali di viaggi presi in considerazione, quali prodotti vengono maggiormente cercati…) il corso si è focalizzato sugli obbiettivi principali che deve avere l’azienda: consolidare e rafforzare la reputazione e la personalità del proprio brand.


Re-evaluate your brand: here are the 5 steps you can take with us

How to create your own brand on the internet? And most importantly, how to do it effectively?
Before answering these questions, let’s make a small reflection on the concept of “brand”. Although its translation matches the word “brand”, it cannot be reduced to this alone. It does not simply identify a company logo or name. Of course, the logo remains essential, but it is not exclusive.

Robert Brunner, founder of the Ammunition studio and former director of Apple’s industrial design, claims that the brand is “what resonates in people”, what people “feel” about your image.

This is how, from a simple name, we pass to a name that tells a story. Or rather that tells what you want to convey to your public about your business. Simply having a logo is a mistake made by many entrepreneurs. What can you do more?

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Because it is important to look after your online reputation

Online reputation is what people think of you, your services or your products on the web.

What people think does not remain as a time the subject of conversation between a few friends and acquaintances, opinions on your brand, in the era of “Like”, “Leave a comment” and “Be the first to review”, becomes a letter written, made visible to thousands of users. That is to your potential new customers.

Social Networks, sites that collect opinions and reviews, forums, communities, blogs: have you ever thought about how many Internet pages your company can be the object of conversation and exchange of opinions?

Do you all know – but everyone – the sites and social networks where people might have expressed an opinion about your brand? Have you ever tried to verify what the network thinks (and writes) about you?

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