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Re-evaluate your brand: here are the 5 steps you can take with us

How to create your own brand on the internet? And most importantly, how to do it effectively?
Before answering these questions, let’s make a small reflection on the concept of “brand”. Although its translation matches the word “brand”, it cannot be reduced to this alone. It does not simply identify a company logo or name. Of course, the logo remains essential, but it is not exclusive.

Robert Brunner, founder of the Ammunition studio and former director of Apple’s industrial design, claims that the brand is “what resonates in people”, what people “feel” about your image.

This is how, from a simple name, we pass to a name that tells a story. Or rather that tells what you want to convey to your public about your business. Simply having a logo is a mistake made by many entrepreneurs. What can you do more?

Here are the 5 steps that we propose you to do with us to create or enhance your brand on the internet.

1. Create the logo

Yes, as we said above is fundamental. But also very difficult. A real challenge. Creating an effective one means concentrating the essence of a company in a few graphic signs. The colors, the fonts, the images that compose it must be attractive, but also easy to memorize and immediately associated with your activity. Let’s define together how your logo should be to become your symbol and how it should not be, we will do a research and we will also analyze the brands of your competitors! Do you already have your logo? Are you satisfied with it? If we can move on to the next step, otherwise, do not worry, you can always make a restyling to make it more effective. The important thing is to do it as soon as possible!

2. Define the Pay Off

Not all brands present it, but it is an added value. Pay Off is a synthetic sentence, composed also of only one or two words, which accompanies the company logo. Also in this case the difficulties are not lacking because to summarize a company in an extremely concise way is not simple. But once you find the square between synthesis and meaning to express, your logo will gain in terms of effectiveness and recognition.

3. Don’t forget the power of consistency

Your internet brand feeds on so many elements. Your image reaches the consumer through your website, through the blog, through your promotional messages. And it is important that everyone is consistent with each other: the brand and corporate image are closely integrated and, only in this way, they can reinforce each other. The message that passes from the logo cannot be, for example, disavowed by the contents or by the design of the site. While the logo can be changed when it is not too well known, errors in terms of consistency are difficult to recover. A disappointed customer is not generally forgiving!

4. Spread the brand online

Use your logo anywhere. Not sure how to do it? We help you, not only on the site or on the products we will make it visible online, we will insert it in emails and newsletters, in every social channel.

For marketing, social media are now indispensable channels. It is on them that your brand, if accompanied by quality content, can find followers, supporters and fans who can turn into customers and promoters towards new customers. But also in partners and on occasions to expand the business.

5. Spreading the brand in “real life”

Take part in events and expo in your sector. This requires investment and may seem distant from the world of the Web. Yet it is not so. Cultivating even the “real square”, in addition to the virtual one, means increasing visibility, making the “human side” of your business known, getting noticed by people who haven’t found you on the internet yet.

Present your brand on exhibitors, print your logo on paper materials and gadgets, but do it consistently: if yours are ecological products, avoid giving away paper to no end … unless it’s recycled!

Creating your own online brand is hard work, we realize it. But it is essential to make yourself known and create business.

Are you happy with your brand? Does it satisfy your business goals? Do your customers appreciate it? Are they fond of it? Or do you think we should do a general review?

Do you think you need advice? Make an appointment with us, let’s have a chat, contact us!



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